Question re blog assignment

Would you rather post your weekly blog assignments as comments, or would you rather that I add you as authors to the blog so that you can each post an entry?
Advantages to submitting the assignments to the comments: automatic organization by week; easy to see everyone’s contributions all at once; I’ve done it before this way and it worked fine. Disadvantages: you can’t post links in comments; each comment thread might become very long and require lots of scrolling to read.
Advantages to submitting the assignments as blog entries: more space for you to write; you can include links; might encourage your classmates to comment on your weekly contributions. Disadvantages: slightly more technically complex than commenting; it’s possible that others could alter your entries (though I hope no would do that); you yourself could alter your entry later (which is a slight disadvantage for me because I’d like to use the timestamps to make sure you submitted it on time); fifteen posts per week might sort of clog the blog. (Hey, that rhymes.)
Vote and discuss by commenting here, please. Cheers!

    • Myra Fulp
    • January 23rd, 2007

    I think that posting our weekly assignments as comments is fine. I have another question: How/when are we supposed to answer questions 1-10 in our assignment?

  1. I think posting as comments would be fine as well. If people are too lazy to copy-paste addresses into their browsers, they don’t need to read the links anyway!

    • Amy Stepp
    • January 24th, 2007

    I think that posting as comments is sufficient. I like that it would be more organized in terms of topics.

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