Library catalog / book-finding links

Library catalog and book-finding links from class on Monday, January 29:

  • NCSU Library Catalog — Our catalog lists the 1.7 million-plus books, eBooks, DVDs, etcetera owned by the NCSU Libraries; as well as the databases, journals, newspapers and magazines we subscribe to. Our catalog has special interface features (notably the browse capability) that other library catalogs do not. The NCSU Libraries catalog is freely available on the open web.
  • Open Worldcat — Open WorldCat contains the library catalog records of hundreds of major research libraries around the world. It allows you to find books at other libraries, which you can then borrow using NCSU’s TripSaver. It is freely available on the open web, and it provides permanent links to book records. You can send any NCSU catalog search to Open WorldCat by using the “Send Search to” dropdown box.
  • WorldCat — WorldCat is a much larger version of Open WorldCat. NCSU pays to subscribe to WorldCat, so it is only available to users with a Unity ID. By using the paid version of WorldCat, you can essentially search the library catalogs of most libraries in the world, including small county libraries in the United States. References are easily exported to RefWorks.
  • Google Book — Google Book allows you to search the full text of books that are fully online. It is chiefly useful for finding books that mention your topic but are not primarily about your topic. Google Book does not yet index as much as a library catalog, because many books still exist only in print. Because many books indexed by Google Book are still under copyright, you may not be able to read the whole book. Always check to see whether a book you find by using Google Book is available to you through the NCSU catalog; we subscribe to eBook services such as netLibrary that might let you access the whole book.

Again, use TripSaver to order books and articles that you’ve found using WorldCat or Open WorldCat.

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