Links to utopian and dystopian videos

Utopian and Dystopian visions of the technology-drenched future (plus one of the technology-drenched medieval past). I’ve added a couple here that we didn’t watch in class, and I’ve included some links to brief online articles about the videos we did watch.

The first three, which we watched in class, deal particularly with the issue of replacing traditional information authorities (the Encyclopedia Britannica, the New York Times, the library as the organizer of knowledge) with “the wisdom of crowds”.

  • Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Movie — Programmer, blogger, and journalist Jon Udell’s screencast of an evolving Wikipedia article. Also see learning technologist Michael Feldstein’s comments on what to emphasize when showing this video to professors.
  • The Machine is Us/ing Us — Professor Michael Wesch’s take on the cultural anthropology of the Web; Inside Higher Ed calls it “A Lesson in Viral Video”.
  • EPIC 2014 — Bloggers and journalists Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson’s dystopian vision of the death of the New York Times and its replacement by socially-authored news distributed via technology. They tell the story behind the video on a trade website for journalists.
  • ACLU – Pizza — The American Civil Liberties Union’s comic vision of what it might be like to order a pizza if private information were not protected.
  • Introducing the Book — English-subtitled Norwegian comedy sketch that satirizes either computers or computer users, I’m not quite sure which.
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