Final Presentation Assignment

Due in class on Monday, April 16; Wednesday, April 18; or Monday, April 23
10% of overall grade

To summarize and clearly communicate what you have learned about doing research in your discipline.

Carefully prepare a 10- to 15-minute oral presentation to the class on what you learned over the course of the semester about doing research in your discipline.

Criteria for Grading
The presentation should be well prepared, clear, succinct, and enlightening for the listener. Your research question and your answer to it should be briefly summarized in terms that all listeners can understand.

The presentation should indicate that the student has thought deeply about the process of doing academic research, can identify some of the major challenges of doing academic research, and has reached significant conclusions about the best way to do academic research in a particular discipline.

The presenter should seem confident in giving the presentation, and the presentation should not go over time.

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