Presentation dates

Here are the presentation dates folks signed up for today. Please use the comments to this post to work out who’ll take that fifth slot on 4/16! Otherwise, I’ll move someone from 4/23 to 4/16 by fiat.

Monday, 4/16

  • Joseph Barton
  • Maggie Hennessy
  • Genevieve Pike
  • Diana Tysinger

Wednesday, 4/18

  • Jeremy Bartucca
  • Nicolette Harris
  • Amber Joyner
  • Tria Metzler
  • Amy Stepp

Monday, 4/23

  • Myra Fulp
  • Adam Nock
  • Chris Padgett
  • Patrick Proctor
  • Dylan Selinger
  • Meagan Stewart
    • Joseph Barton
    • April 9th, 2007

    If 2 people want to swap from 4/23 to 4/16 I will trade with one of you. I have a couple of presentations I have to prepare for that week, and I would really appreciate postponing one of them to another week.

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