Readings for Monday, 4/9

For Monday, please look at the following:

  • The chapter on “Citing Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism, and Organizing References” in Stebbins’s Student Guide to Research in the Digital Age
  • The first 4 paragraphs (pp. 788-9) and the sections titled “A Proposed Policy on Plagiarism” and “Additional Advice for Students” (pp. 798-801) of Rebecca Howard’s “Plagiarisms, Authorships, and the Academic Death Penalty, from College English 57.7 (Nov 1995) 788-806.
  • NCSU’s Code of Student Conduct — just sections 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11

Come to class prepared to discuss the following: How does Howard’s proposed policy differ from NCSU’s policy?

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