Scavenger Hunt!

1) What is the most popular video or DVD in Hindi owned by the NCSU Libraries?
2) Who is the author of the 1973 American poem whose first line is “I make my children promises in wintry afternoons”?
3) How many libraries in the world own the following book?
Borém, Aluízio and Del Gidice, Marcos P. Alimentos geneticamente modificados. Viosa, MG [Brazil]: Universidad Federal de Viosa, 2003.
4) About how many people have cited this unpublished technical report?
L. Page, S. Brin, R. Motwani, and T. Winograd, The Pagerank Citation Ranking: Bringing order to the web, technical report, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1998.
5) About how many items did The New York Times mention Osama bin Laden between September 10, 2000 and September 10, 2001?

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